What Previous Students are Saying about Academia Colonial

Fine website. I enjoyed the 4 weeks very much - had a pleasant interaction with teachers and other students. Ana is extremely helpful and friendly.

Ulla - Denmark






The website was very good. I enjoyed my time at Academia Colonial and hope you have good success with it. The interaction with the family was great, also the environment at the school.

 Michelle - Canada 





The website was very informative and easy to navigate. My experience was fantastic. Ana was so helpful in getting me settled, assisting me to adjust and providing advice. My teacher was lovely and the classes were well structured, interesting and very helpful. I will be recommending Academia Colonail to all my friends.

 Chloe - Australia






Friendly people, we had a lot of fun and we talked about many different things. We liked a lot the tour of San Antonio Aguas calientes with our teachers.

 It was good to have two teachers, one in the morning to practice speaking and one in the afternoon to learn grammar and words. The 30 minute break is also very good. 

 Rik & Eline - Netherlands



This was a great experience for me. I can not think of anything to improve the school's system. My teacher, Pedro, was terrific. I had a great home stay mother. Ana was great. I am sad to leave.

 Dan - USA



I've been here for about a month and I feell like I have been accepted into a large family of caring, wonderful people. I have learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I will definitely come back and visit when I can!

 Ana - USA



Thank you for a terrific learning experience. Your organization and quick responses to emails made us feel like we would be personally taken care of. That is why we chose this school. Muchas gracias por todo.

 Don, Sandra and Family - Canada

AUGUST 2010 



I liked my teacher a lot in terms of instruction. She was perhaps the most prepared teacher I have ever had - lesson, exercise, activities, etc. Very resourceful. The website of the school is beautiful.

Laura, USA 

AUGUST 2010 



I had a very good experience learning Spanish at Academia Colonial. I only wish I had more time to stay here and study in Antigua. Ana was very helpful. I was very appreciative that Carmen, my teacher, did not speak in English during our lessons. This helped to facilitate total immersion.

Aynsley, USA 

AUGUST 2010 



I had a very positive experience at Academia Colonial. My teacher, Leticia, was experienced and knew how to pace my progress. Ana was very helpful, not only with registration, billing, airport transportation, but also arranging activities, tours and even helping us arrange a rental car for a weekend trip!

Mike, USA 

JULY 2010 



Loved every minute of it. My teachers, Carmen and Paolo, were amazing. I feel like my Spanish has improved dramatically in just 3 weeks. Ana is great, always going out of her way to help and always with a smile on her face. Love the setting of the school as well and had a lot of fun with my host family. Will definitely recommend Academia Colonial to my friends.


JULY 2010 




Academia Colonial is the best language school I have attended in all of Latin America. The environment here makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The school directors work hard to meet the needs of all students and each individual's interests.

Eva, USA

JULY 2010




It has been a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about the people who live here past and present. Felt comfortable practicing Spanish.

Sherry, USA

JULY 2010


My experience in Academia Colonial was pleasant, I enjoyed my teacher and the outing, they were very helpful and friendly. I learned a lot.

Susie, USA

JULY 2010


I really loved my time in Academia Colonial. My teacher, Anabela, was wonderful, very patient, fun and kind. The environment is very beautiful and peaceful and the free coffee is great!!!

Alex, USA

JULY 2010



My experience in Academia Colonial was beyond wonderful. The environment was beautiful, relaxing and excellent for learning. I loved the flexibility here to study according to my needs. Ana and JP were always friendly and helpful. My teacher, Soledad, was incredibly organized and very knowledgeable. She was so patient with me and we laughed together every day. My home stay family was better than I could have ever imagined. They took great care of me and spent a lot of time with me. This was one of the best experiences of my life! I hope to come back someday.

Giselle, USA

JULY 2010



I have enjoyed the Spanish classes very much. The teacher is very good and the location of the school was perfect, beautiful building. I recommend it!


Linda, Netherlands 

JULY 2010 



Overall, I had a great experience here. I think the easy going atmosphere and flexibility in the program caters to students of various backgrounds. 

Kyong, USA 

JULY 2010 



Overall my experience was very good. Manuel was a good teacher. He structured my learning for a skill level, kept me engaged by varying the training/teaching, and continually challenged me to do my best work.

Greg, USA 

JUNE 2010 




Lovely time in beautiful surroundings learning Spanish.

Samantha, USA 

JUNE 2010 



I had a lot of fun! Everyone was always very nice and I feel like a got a lot better at Spanish. Soledad is an amazing teacher. I always had fun with her. I learned a lot about Antigua and all Guatemala. The cooking class was so much fun and delicious. The environment is beautiful, everyone always helped with anything we needed.

 Kylee - Arizona, USA 

MAY 2010 



I loved that the school was willing to accommodate my schedule. Ana was always willing to make any changes we requested. She also helped us with things around Antigua, like appointments and such. The cooking class was both fun and informative, and I loved that our teachers were there with us. My teacher was both professional and qualified. I can not say enough about the location of the school. It is beautiful. If you have to be in school all day, Academia Colonial is the place to do it!

 Thank you for a great experience!

 Rebecca  - Arizona, USA 

MAY 2010 



Excelente escuela, maestros y atención, todo esto combinado con un ambiente fantástico y con la buena vista de Volcán de Agua, lo que hace todo definitivamente INOLVIDABLES! Recomiendo esta escuela!!

 Simona M. - Slovenia 

APRIL 2010 




Academia Colonial is in a beautiful location and setting, the administration and instructors are excellent and make you feel comfortable right from the start. The home stay option was also a great experience.

Tim B. - Canada 

APRIL 2010 




I've had a wonderful stay in Antigua and a terrific experience at Academia Colonial. Ana, Sol, and the entire staff are warm yet extremely professional. Sol was a superb teacher and the setting here is spectacular and very conducive to learning.

My home stay with Sylvia & Rolando was a great experience as well.

Muchas gracias. Pasé un buen rato.


Michael S. - USA 

APRIL 2010 





Thank you for spending a nice time in your Spanish School, now I am able to understand other people and can ask in a better way for buses and baños :-).

It has been a nice and lovely atmosphere in your garden. I really loved this place. I had a good time. I hope I get the spanish words I learned from you in my mind for a long time.

Best wishes,

Katrin - Germany 




We had a great time here at the school during two weeks. The one on one lessons are really good. We are amazed at the conversations we can now have in Spanish, after only two weeks! And all this is a lovely setting overlooking the garden; it creates a relaxing atmosphere to study. 

Thanks to Rita and Lety for their patience and thanks to Ana and JP for making us feel so welcome.

Best wishes,

Regina & Daan - Netherlands 

MARCH 2010





I have been at the school for one week and everything has been amazing. I am getting tons of practical experience learning and speaking Spanish. When I came here I could hardly introduce myself and less than a week into the course I find myself engaged in conversation with locals in Spanish frequently. 

Best experience ever! 

Andrew H. - Atlanta, Georgia, USA 

MARCH 2010 




I can't say enough about this school...the experience has been amazing and the people here are what makes it so. We had the perfect mix of serious studying and a lot of laughs and good times including BBQ lunches, local trips, games, cooking classes, and many spontaneous activitiesl

The teachers here are excellent and I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Spanish and actually enjoy the process!

Thanks for the unforgettable memories, 

George - Kelownd, BC, Canada 





Thank you for a great experience. The atmosphere at the school was very relaxing because at times learning another language can be difficult and frustrating. I had a great teacher, who was very knowledgeable and patient with me. I hope to be back soon to study more with your school.

Thanks again, 

Todd - Santa Cruz, CA, USA 




I had an amazing experience at Academia Colonial! Thank you SO MUCH for everything, JP, Alejandra, Paolo, and Leti!

Brandis Corin Stockman - Austin, Texas, USA 



Thank you! All of you! I have learned more than I hoped for, had much fun doing the field trips and enjoyed working with the teachers. Because of the flexibility, I was able to learn, visit sites (I chose to go with my teacher) and enjoyed meeting people. I will be back soon to continue my Spanish classes.

Christel E. - Irving, Texas, USA

We learned so much. It was a great experience. The school atmosphere was very relaxed and that made it easy to learn the language - we were absolute beginners. We both loved our teachers. We also enjoyed the field trips and learned about the people and the culture of Guatemala on this journey. We will return!

Bruce and Lynette W. - Vancouver, Canada

Thank you so much for the past few weeks, they have been incredible. This school has a great feel about it and a really good energy and environment. The teachers are so sweet and helpful and extremely professional. As well, I had so much fun with you guys. Take advantage of all the opportunities this school provides.

Tim G. - Lexington, Kentucky

Having studied French in high school (big mistake), I was pretty clueless in Spanish upon my arrival. I have to say though I was quite surprised how much Spanish I learned in my four weeks at your school. Carmen was an amazing teacher, very patient but still pushed me and kept me motivated. Your school is a very special place. I'll be sure to send some friends to you. All the best and thanks for turning Spanish from a mystery to a reality for me. Univision here I come :)

Hugh W. - New Orleans, LA

Wow, what a whirlwind my time was here in Antigua. I'm not sure what I enjoyed the most; it was all so great. My classes flew by, my teacher Clara was amazing, and hilarious to boot; I never had so much fun studying in my life. I really enjoyed the activities and as well thanks for so many suggestions of things to do around town. I met so many great people on this trip; it's hard to leave ...

Pete C. - London



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