Intensive Spanish Courses

Our intensive Spanish courses consist of one-on-one instruction with some of Antigua's finest Spanish language teachers, many of whom have over 20 years of teaching experience. The intensive Spanish courses are well suited for Spanish students of all levels ranging from absolute beginners to advanced conversationalists, and yet flexible enough to allow your instructor to tailor the program according to each students needs, interests, and learning preferences. Whether you are a visual, audible, or "hands-on" learner we can accommodate you. Our instructors have taught thousands of students just like you to become fluent in Spanish.

Why Intensive Spanish Courses are so Effective

The purpose of a language is after all, interpersonal communication, a tool to convey a thought or wish from one person to the next. Since the goal is person to person communication it makes complete sense why intensive courses work so well, because you are learning by actually communicating with another person, your Spanish teacher, rather than a machine.

A computer program will never ask you how you day is or what you like about your native city; nor will software tell you that although your answer maybe grammatically correct, it would be much better said another way. Interactive software can improve your listening skills, and help build vocabulary, but there's more to life than memorized phrases such as, "how do I find the ATM machine," or "where is the nearest bathroom, please?"

Our intensive Spanish courses give you the ability to have a teacher's undivided attention. Even if you are an absolute beginner, you will be communicating in basic Spanish by the end of your very first day. Grammar and vocabulary are intertwined with real communication between you and your teacher. You will learn about your teacher and Guatemala's rich history and culture, and in turn your teacher will learn a little bit about you, where you are from, what your likes and dislikes are. This is true human communication, and nothing can substitute learning a language from another real person.

Too often, self-study software students are afraid to speak because they have so many grammar rules running through their heads. At Academia Colonial, speaking, even at its most basic level, is emphasized on day one, grammar and vocabulary are built along side.

To compliment the intensive Spanish courses, Academia Colonial hosts a multitude of activities with both students and other teachers which are a wonderful way to practice your Spanish outside of class. As well, Antigua’s ruins, museums, central market, and the various boutiques offer many Spanish learning opportunities. Academia Colonial also offers Spanish immersion programs which combine our intensive Spanish courses with our Guatemalan family stay program. Living with a local family gives you an additional window into Guatemalan culture while providing yet another avenue to practice Spanish outside of class.

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