Academia Colonial Spanish School Activities

Learn Spanish While Having Fun!

Here comes the fun part! Each day is a new opportunity to explore the rich culture of Guatemala, and particularly, Antigua. We are always creating new and exciting activities for our language students, both day and night. Activities provide an excellent way for you to learn Spanish outside of class. Many activities are free, and some cost just a little. 

Cooking Classes | Academia Colonial Spanish School Antigua Guatemala

Cooking Classes with El Frijol Feliz Cooking School

Guatemalan food is not only delicious but fun to prepare! Each week our affiliated cooking school, el Frijol Feliz, provides our Spanish students with a special cooking class for $10, a saving of $35! After the class all those that participated enjoy the meal in our beautiful courtyard. 


Climbing Pacaya Volcano 


Guatemala is a country filled with volcanoes. The exact count is 33. Antigua itself is surrounded by 3: Agua to the south, and Acatenago and Fuego to the west. Agua is the closest to Antigua and with a height of nearly 3800 meters; it literally towers over the city. Its hard to live in Antigua and not be fascinated by volcanoes. For this reason, climbing another nearby volcano, Pacaya, which is active is a very popular activity. We leave Antigua in a private shuttle at 2:00; begin climbing at 3:00; and we reach the summit to view the lava up close right before sunset. The views are spectacular, and the experience is literally awesome.

Mayan Women Weaving | Academia Colonial Spanish School Antigua Guatemala

Mayan Crafts: Women Weaving

We go to the town of San Antonio Aguas Calientes to visit a group of local women who make fabrics by hand to sell in the local markets. They begin by explaining the meanings behind many of their customs. They perform two Mayan rituals, one of worship and the other a wedding to give our students a window into their culture. They demonstrate the basics of weaving fabrics and other products such as hats and mats. They then teach our students how to make tortillas by hand, and we finish the day with a traditional dinner - Pepian. The students are transported to San Antonio and back by private shuttle. The activity is a hit among our students.

Hiking Antigua Guatemala | Academia Colonial Spanish School

Hiking to the Foot of the Cross (Cerro de la Cruz)

An amazing view of Antigua can be found by hiking to the foot of the cross. The cross is a large concrete crucifix up in the foot hills above Antigua. The view of Antigua and the surrounding volcanoes is spectacular. Bring your camera!


Guatemala All Saints Day Festival | Academia Colonial Spanish School

Guatemalan Festivals!

Guatemala is full of holidays and festivals! If there is something interesting going on locally, most likely we will be planning a class trip to see it. The most recent festival was Guatemala's famous "day of the dead," otherwise known as "All Saints' Day." The holiday is dedicated to honoring the lives of the dead. Because death is seen as a continuation of life, it is a very colorful and joyous celebration. The day consists of decorating the tombs of loved ones, and most importantly for us, flying thousands of kites in the sky. The kites range in size from tiny to colossal!


Coffee Farm Tours  

Ever wondered what coffee looks like before its roasted? Ever seen a coffee tree? Do you know the difference between a medium roast, and an espresso roast? Guatemala is famous for its coffee particularly in the area around Antigua which is known as the Panza Verde or (green stomach) due to its extremely fertile land. Starbucks is a major purchaser of Guatemalan coffee, particularly in the area surrounding Antigua.


  5 Senses Organic Farm Tour 

  A visit in which you will be getting an outdoor educational experience about organic products while using all of our five sense - seeing, feeling, smelling, listening and tasting the freshest vegetables and fruits. An experience full of     nature, energy and discovery.  

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