We've Moved!

Academia Colonial Spanish School Antigua Guatemala Casa Convento Concepcion

We’ve moved! Academia Colonial is now located inside of Casa Convento Concepción, a very beautiful and historical building which was, back in the Colonial era, Antigua’s oldest convent dating back to 1578. Antigua which was itself founded in 1543 was well on its way to becoming the most prominent city in Central America being the seat of Spanish power in Central America. At that time Antigua was home to massive mansions, churches, and monasteries, most notably the Franciscan and Dominicans orders. Antigua however lacked a convent. It was then in 1578 that four nuns came down from Mexico, founded the Conception order and began construction of the convent and church. The first phase of construction took 50 years, but then it was expanded and deemed complete in 1694. The convent was then badly damaged in the earthquake of 1717 and then subsequently rebuilt in 1729 to a grander scale covering two square blocks and featured over twenty fountains in the interior spaces.

Unfortunately earthquakes stuck again in 1773 leaving everything in ruins. It wasn't until 2004 that much of the convent and cloister were rebuilt.