Alliance with NGO Niños de Guatemala

Ninos de Guatemala and Academia Colonial Spanish School 

Academia Colonial is excited to announce that it has entered into a cooperation with Niños de Guatemala, a well respected NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Guatemala and the Netherlands. The organization is firmly committed to improving Guatemala through education, specifically giving impoverished children access to education that would not ordinarily be available to them. The harsh reality is that their students, if it were not for them being enrolled in school, would be working or wandering the streets exposed to the danger of gang membership. Responding to this great need, Niños de Guatemala opened their school Nuestro Futuro in Ciudad Vieja in 2009 where they are currently teaching 100 students and plan to grow enrollment to more than 200 students within four years.

In the agreement, Academia Colonial donates to Niños de Guatemala a percentage of all revenues received for Spanish lessons while Niños de Guatemala recommends our Spanish school to their volunteers that need Spanish lessons and home stays before working with the children at Nuestro Futuro.

We are happy to say that every student that studies at Academia Colonial is directly benefiting the efforts of Niños de Guatemala. For more details or volunteer opportunities please stop by the Niños de Guatemala Antigua volunteer center, now located in our offices in Casa Convento Concepción, or visit the NdG Website.