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Our New Location Academia Colonial has moved to Casa Convento Concepción. The original structure was Antigua's first convent dating back to 1578 and has been rebuilt several times, most recently in 2004. The new school is located in one of the safest parts of Antigua close to Hotel Casa Santa Domingo. 
Fuente de la Concepción Academia Colonial is located in front of Fuente de la Concepción in 4a Calle Oriente commonly called "Calle de la Concepción". This is the street that takes you out of Antigua to the road leading to Guatemala city. This fountain is perfectly located to give the street a nice view, right before you are leaving beautiful Antigua.
Antigua's Unsurpassed Beauty Antigua, founded in 1543, originally known as Ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros (city of St. James of the knights of Guatemala), was the capital of Guatemala during much of the colonial period and is home to some of the best preserved Spanish colonial architecture in the world.  You will fall in love with the city's ruins, architecture, and cobblestone streets.
Catedral de Santiago In front of the Central Park you will find la Catedral de Santiago. The cathedral which dates back to 1542 has been demolished twice and is currently only partially rebuilt since the earthquake of 1773. At the height of its grandeur it boasted 7 entrances, 5 naves and, 78 chapels. Academia Colonial is located 4 blocks from this two sites.
Antigua's Arch of Santa Catalina The Arch of Santa Catalina dates back to 1694 when the nuns of St. Catherine who founded their convent in 1617 outgrew their current location. Naturally they purchased the property across the street and built the arch so that the nuns could pass between the buildings without being seen.

Spanish Language School | Academia Colonial in Antigua Guatemala

One of the finest Spanish language schools in Guatemala, Academia Colonial is nestled in Antigua, Central America's most beautiful city. Academia Colonial Spanish school is like no other, providing you with the opportunity not only to learn the Spanish language, but to do so in an environment that is unsurpassed in beauty and unique culture.

Academia Colonial offers amenities that are rarely found when studying abroad. Our Spanish school provides a complete package that includes intensive Spanish courses as well as accommodationsactivitiesand airport pickup. Every part of your stay with Academia Colonial will be an immersion into the Spanish language and culture.  

Our Spanish Language School Program 

In Academia Colonial's intensive Spanish courses, you will study one-on-one with a certified experienced teacher each day. Every moment of your stay will offer you ability to learn the rich culture of Guatemala while experiencing all that this beautiful city has to offer. Our Spanish school in Antigua, Guatemala offers Family Stays,” a program that allows you to live with a local family. This will not only give you an inside look at Guatemalan life, but will also be an opportunity to practice Spanish outside of your daily classes. Each family has been hand selected by Academia Colonial ensuring that you will be lodging in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Activities While Learning Spanish Abroad 

The Spanish school itself provides many activities outside of the classroom. From Salsa dance classes, cooking classes at our affiliated cooking school el Frijol Feliz, climbing Volcano Pacaya to various Guatemalan festivals you will never find yourself short of things to do, or people to do them with. We also have a multitude of rewarding Guatemala volunteer opportunities we offer to our students.

Our Spanish language school is ideally located. We are only four blocks from Antigua’s Central Park in a safe neighborhood. 

If you want to learn Spanish from one of the finest Spanish language schools in Antigua Guatemala, let Academia Colonial be your guide. Why not make your education as fun and rewarding as it can be?

Academia Colonial Spanish Language School, European Sales Office, Teutonenstr. 1, 56567 Neuwied, Alemania/Germany, tel:+49 (0) 162 684 9815, or email Academia Colonial 




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